Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Academic Meeting Minutes* - Part II

(To check out some actual library related content, see my guest blog post at Library Tech Talk -or just read below for a chuckle.) 

Minutes for the College Library’s Ad Hoc Committee to Determine the Viability of the Formation of a Flash Mob Prevention Committee for FYE 2012* cont'd.

Documents received:
  • A letter from Dean of the Library, Mrs. Laurga N. Charga, dated 23 July 2010, politely requests that a decision regarding the formation of a Flash Mob Prevention Committee be made by the end of the Ad Hoc’s next meeting or the committee will be disbanded forthwith.
  • An email from sister school, dated 13 June 2010, re possible collaboration on a presentation on the intrinsic usefulness of Ad Hoc committees for the upcoming Distillation of University Librarian Leaders (DULL) conference.

3.      Approval of minutes of meeting held 3 May 2010
The minutes are approved, with the following remarks:

As regards content:
  • Page 2, agenda item 5, 2nd bullet: ‘Dense’ needs to be changed into ‘Dance’.
  • Page 5, agenda item 8, 1st paragraph: ‘JOE a nine …. committee’ needs to be changed into: ‘ASS a nine … committee’.
  • Page 5, agenda item 8, all content: ‘The TIK’ needs to be changed in this and all documentation into ‘TIK’. Removal of ‘The’ before any and all references to the TIK has been determined to be rude, impolite and an act of insubordination.
As a result of:
  • Page 2, agenda item 4: The committee rules have not been discussed and, therefore, have not been approved yet and, therefore, it stands to reason that there still are none.

4.      Ms. Joy Ryde’s Presentation

Ms. Joy Ryde stood and blew a whistle at this juncture in the meeting. From seemingly nowhere the beginning synthesizer notes from Europe’s, The Final Countdown blared from unseen speakers into the conference room. What appeared to be 5 university students in all black and black sunglasses entered the room in stiff militant style. Ms. Ryde jumped in one motion onto the conference table and swiftly unfolded and donned a pair of identical black sunglasses. The six moved in coordinated robotic fashion as if playing imaginary trumpets in perfect timing with the synthesizer notes... (See below Note.)

Note: I could not find the remainder of the notes for this meeting. I'm very curious as to what immediately followed. Since no Flash Mob Prevention Committee currently exists in our library, I would imagine the committee was never formed and the group most likely disbanded directly following this meeting. I suppose we'll never know for sure, though.

*I found these minutes at the bottom of a drawer when I switched offices earlier this year. Oddly, I cannot find a record of any of the librarians mentioned as ever having worked in this library. Curious. (The beginning part of this found document was posted in an Aug. 22, 2011 blog entry.)

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