Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Interactive Blogging: Check out a Movie Trailer & Vote for the Next Bookie Post

I just saw an amazing movie on campus in conjunction with a slew of different departments. I was completely blown away and am recommending the film to everyone I see. While I hate making broad sweeping statements, for brevity purposes, let me just say that it was not only an amazing insight into how our society continues to confine those with autism, despite the ability of many to display high levels of intelligence, but also as just a really lovely film. Here's the trailer:

I was also wondering what your thoughts are on what I should blog about next. I know I've been so neglectful, but that's only because I am working on so many projects and new things that are all very exciting. (Ah, once again I'm making excuses.) So, please take my poll below from now until Wednesday, October 26th, so that I can best optimize my time for your benefit, and bring you what you would like to read about most. See you back here with your chosen post on Wednesday, Nov. 2nd!

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