Monday, June 7, 2010

Pedagogy and Learning Theory

Some of the stuff that I'm passionate about are learning theory and learning styles and pedagogy.  They used to call it teaching, but now that's kind of a dirty word.  I think the study of how people learn is absolutely fascinating.  I'm putting the finishing touches on an article with a colleague on the subject for academic librarians, (this thing seriously should have been submitted weeks ago - gosh darn formatting! for the love of Pete!) I sincerely hope that more and more students leaving library school will have a greater understanding of how to be effective in the classroom -where many of them will be spending a lot of time in the near future. 

So imagine my surprise this morning, when I discovered that the "Super Librarian," as a colleague referred to her, Char Booth, has an article in American Libraries this month that gets down and dirty about Instructional Literacy.  I'm so glad that this is becoming a more and more popular subject and I hope librarians are paying attention.  Perhaps this will be a nice compliment to the survey and article we're working on. (Fingers crossed.)

PS Closed my survey with 1020 responses! I'm amazed!


  1. another p.s. THIS survey has nothing to do with THAT survey (on pedagogy). They're totally unrelated.

  2. First time comment here, I am a recent (2009) LIS graduate and also enjoyed much of Char Booth's article. I am currently working as an Adult Education Instructor in order to get Instructional experience that so many academic jobs ask for. I used her USER modle to design a basic computer skills course I'll teach this summer. Good luck on your survey/article!

  3. Thanks, Justine! I begged borrowed and stole in order to get some classroom time before I graduated because so many of the new academic jobs require teaching. But, good luck with your class, -that will look great on your CV -and let me know how using Char's method worked for you!