Friday, May 28, 2010

Surveys and Apes

I extended my survey one more week because I'm totally greedy.  I've had a whopping 901 responses so far! AMAZING! So many people helped send this out to Listservs and email distributions around the country and I appreciate that immensely.  I want to try to get that number to top 1,000 before I close.  I know, I'm greedy.  But, the truth of the matter is, the more the responses the more accurate the results.  Big responses help wash out the anomalies and display trends, so the more the merrier.

So, I'm using this tool called StudentVoice to conduct the survey and it's really cool.  Don't tell Survey Monkey I said this, but StudentVoice could beat the Monkey any day.  I can watch things in real time, multiple users can take it at once, I can cross-tabulate one response with another, and do all this crazy analysis while any number of people are taking the survey! Most of the comments and responses have been very favorable so far and it's so neat to have so much support. People have been emailing and sharing their experiences, and I'm so glad to have talked to people and read the positive comments of so many that are also curious about this. 

Here is a picture of a SuveyING Monkey (get it???)
BUT, of course, you always remember those few negative comments...  Trust me, it's very, very few, and I'm not putting a lot of stock in 2 or 3 comments out of 300, but it's shocking how rude people can be sometimes when things are anonymous. Oh well.  This is still really fun, and the mean comments do provide a source of entertainment.

ANYWAY! There is so much good stuff in here!  I can't wait to do final analysis and talk about results.

Here is a link to the Bookie post about the survey, (please read the text first), if you haven't taken it already:

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