Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I have a great friend that blogs on and off expressing her sometimes hilarious observations and serious musings. (We all have this friend.) But, she also did a really great thing once in writing a blog manifesto. She talked about how and who she was writing for and the point of her blog and all kinds of great inspirational things. 

I keep thinking that since I've taken on this new role as the Research Instruction and Special Collections Librarian, that I really, really, need to hone my direction for the Bookie. Like my friend, I really need a manifesto. Really. But, the task seems a bit daunting since I have my hands in a lot of pots. Or, is it, I'm stirring many pots? Hold it, wait, am I many cooks in one kitchen? or is it, I have many plates in the air? No. I am the cook of many spinning pots stirring in the kitchens of the air. There.

So how can I direct this manifesto? Well, since our Special Collections just started a blog, I can encourage people to check there if they're curious about what we do and who we are. I'll be blogging occasionally on their site, so there's no reason to overkill a good thing. (Loving the mixed metaphors today.) I considered a part about academia in the abstract, however, most of what I publish or present or teach about can fall into one of my new directional categories. I also considered including posts about libraries or the future of academic libraries and information studies in general, but there are a gazillion of those. (Librarians love to blog and if you Google around for them you'll be busy for a month.)  SO! From now on, the point of the Baltimore Bookie will be...  

Baltimore Bookie Manifesto
To inspire and inform my fellow and aspiring librarians, fellow educators, and colleagues of all dimensions with:
1. Instructional and pedagogical insights or news including tools or ideas that I've tried in the classroom - (see my Google Docs post for an example)

2. Instructional and collection development ideas as an art+design and cultural development liaison - (see a post on art instruction preparation for an example)

3. Diversity work and initiatives on the Towson Campus and Baltimore including regular posts and updates on The Cherry Hill Oral History Project

4. LIBRARY RESIDENCIES! or How this blog got started in the first place. (I heart residencies.) Check out the ACRL Residency Interest Group* for more info.

I don't know why, but I feel so much better now! I should have done that months ago. What was I waiting for? Thank you for reading! I hope you find my blog fun, informative and useful.

*As of Nov. 18, 2011 the virus has been eradicated from Residency Interest Group site -sorry about that!

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