Thursday, August 4, 2011

READ Posters Comin' Atcha!

We're doing READ posters at our library. ALA provides templates for libraries to purchase and use at will.  While doing some web searching about the posters, (Bill Cosby did the first in 1985), I came across some great blogs and images. There are some with musicians doing the READ, (I really like Missy Elliott and Yo Yo Ma's picks), a blog regarding why they can be boring, and the online ALA store displaying which celebs are rockin' the READ. And,of course, you can always check out the bazillion uploaded to flickr of librarians doing their own.*  

Towson's Cook Library has done them in the past. Here are a few of the old ones hanging in the library. (I grabbed them with my mediocre camera phone - so sorry!)

But this year the staff, librarians and even university administrators got super creative. The new ones are so, so awesome! They're not done yet with the big letters in the back and all, but just the photos alone, without the photoshopping, are already fantastic.

I've always wanted to do one with my rottweiler and the "Good Dog Carl" books. This year actually turned out to be a super bonus since I could add my new family addition. I think the wee one adds an extra level of cuteness, don't you?

Soon to be READ poster, starring moi! (So excited!!)
*Which, after viewing that last Flickr album, made me think that perhaps all the librarians should get together and sign a pact that posing in a cape and witch hat with the Harry Potter series might be juuuuuust a bit overdone and henceforth a practice to be laid to rest for the next millennium, or so. Seriously. Not original. Trust me, I probably love Harry Potter even more than you, but I will find you and take away your H.P. Fan Club Membership if I see one more of these.

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