Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shannon and the Great Glass Acclimator

Hello My Few Fellow Dedicated Readers! 

I have not left you yet! I have returned from my short leave and am acclimating to my new position as working mom. (And believe me when I say that it takes acclimating of the highest order.) That said, I thought the posts from Hannah and Melissa were great and hope they might have time to do a few more over the course of the next year.  (There's room, ladies!)

Since returning I found out that I will be presenting at not one but TWO national conferences in the next 12 months. LORDY! I'm both excited and nervous. One is coming up this October and the other is next June. Purdy exciting stuff. Once I get all my ducks in a row I'll tell you about the presentations.

The new Towson Resident also started here, and she's pretty awesome. It was a really tough pool of applicants, but she has hit the ground running and everyone's happy to have her. 

Those are my news tid bits that I'll have to fill you all in on once I have exited The Great Glass Acclimator and find my feet more firmly planted on my office floor.

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