Friday, July 30, 2010

New Residency Announced!

I was just thinking to myself while I was reading, "Microaggressions in Every Day Life," in the bubble bath last night, that it was about time the West Coast started representing on the Residency front.  And then, like magic, an announcement came in my email! Apparently bubble baths and good reading make me psychic or something to that effect.  This sounds like a great opportunity and it's smack dab in between Seattle and Vancouver and close to water.  I love water - with or without bubbles.

 (This is like the best Google Earth photo I've ever seen. -Click on the picture of WWU to link to the job site.)

Description: "The Western Washington University Library seeks a creative and innovative person to serve as Diversity Resident Librarian. The objective of the residency is two-fold: 1) to attract and set the foundation for a recent graduate in a challenging and rewarding career as an academic librarian and 2) to improve Western Washington Libraries efforts to reach out to and engage students, faculty, and community members from diverse backgrounds. The person in this position will report to the Assistant Dean for Public Services and provide support to reference, instruction, and outreach efforts, working in these areas to engage library users." (Read more...)


  1. That job sounds awesome! I would totally apply if I didn't get my degree until December...

  2. I agree. It sounds like they're trying to incorporate some of the best aspects of the residency into theirs. I just hope people aren't deterred by their desired qualifications. Some seem a little difficult for a new grad to have, but people should apply if they think they would enjoy the opportunity and are a recent grad.

  3. I hope people aren't deterred by the desired qualifications either! I'm on the search committee and helped get funding for this position so I hope we can get a a lot of good applicants. Thanks for posting about it on your blog! And you are right on, Bellingham really is a great location.

  4. Gabe, I don't think most people will shirk from applying, but I think sometimes new grads feel intimidated by listed skills they are lacking, but would jump at the chance to acquire. I'd be willing to bet that you'll have a really rich group of applicants from which to choose. Feel free to email myself or anyone at the Residency Interest Group if you have any questions.
    I'm really excited for you guys! This residency sounds awesome!