Friday, May 14, 2010

Good Things You Should Know About

I'm so excited about my survey! So far I've had 463 people take it! I would love to get up to 1,000, but I'm overwhelmed at the responses so far! Thanks to all the people that have forwarded this around, you have helped me out a ton. If you haven't taken the survey yet, see the previous blog post, fill it out, and then send it around to the librarians you know.

                                Here I am hitting the streets with my survey. 
                                 Do you like my necklace? And my guns?

In other amazingly cool news, the Residency Interest Group of ACRL has begun these wonderful Podcasts, called the Newbie Dispatches. They are 30 minute informational sessions for new or old graduates of library school on a different topic from those knee deep in the process. Book writing, article publishing and conference planning have been the subjects, so far. They are both engaging and informative. I've learned something from every one. Check them out!

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