Friday, July 12, 2013

New Gig

Yesterday I started a new gig. (I'm actually extremely excited but am dangerously close to surpassing this year's quota on exclamation points.) I've been making the donuts for almost 3 days at Johns Hopkins. I interviewed for a new and exciting opportunity here in April and was delighted to find out that I was their pick. I am now the Student Engagement and Information Fluency librarian at the Sheridan Libraries. I will focus my time on innovative programming and assessment of information literacy skills for the undergraduate population. We've got a few programs already underway and so far it's just been, well, mind-boggling! I'm excited that everyone here is excited about my nutty ideas!

Looking out across the upper quad to Gilman Hall from the Eisenhower Library
That said, it was very sad to leave Towson where I first cut my librarian teeth. I know that the partnerships and friendships I made there will last for many years. In fact, the Towson Marketing Librarian and I will be presenting at ACRL MD's 2013 Unconference later this month. Our presentation is a lightning talk titled; It's not me, it's you: breaking up with bad library habits. (Ensue hilarity and truth.) And, TU Science Librarian, Laksamee Putnam and I have been scheming about a presentation regarding the super awesome web content we stumble across that illustrates info lit principles. (Rubs palms together.) So, no one is getting away from me that easy. Try!

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