Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cherry Hill Recap Video

So, today I'm presenting the Oral History project to the 5th graders that will be participating this year. I thought that I would put a few short video and audio pieces together so that they could get a sense of what we did last year. And, then I thought, why not just do one video about everything? So, I did. You can check it out with a couple other short pieces on the Cherry Hill page of this blog. Or watch below. 


  1. Well done! You catured the happy experience of students meeting the elders and life in Cherry Hill for the elder generation.

  2. Thanks Patty! What I didn't get to show is how much the seniors enjoyed our meeting, as well. They were, understandably, enthused about sharing their stories.

  3. What a wonderful project. The elderly have so much to offer that one cannot capture from reading a book. (I believe in reading books) This is something that the students will remember for the rest of their lives. Job well done. Jayne French