Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Basquiat and Art Students

Basquiat has such a pull on art students, including those at Towson. Perhaps because of how much he was able to accomplish before his young death. Perhaps it was his amazing ability to draw from so many different places and create a succinct image that even today, 20+ years after his death, continues to represent urban youth culture almost to the point of iconography. Or maybe it's just straight envy that he was able to garner so much fame and acclaim so quickly in his career. Or maybe as an art librarian I should leave these things up to the historians to ponder and just make sure the resources are there when the students and faculty come calling. That said, here's a film I might order for next year.

Tamra Davis, a personal friend of Basquiat, recently completed a documentary on his life and work with tons of never-seen footage of Jean-Michel talking about himself. Check it out on Independent Lens if it comes your way, or buy it for your library to satiate the hunger of all those envious art students. Here's an excerpt:

Watch the full episode. See more Independent Lens.

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