Friday, March 4, 2011

Why You Should Get Your Flu Shot...

I will never ever, ever for the rest of my life throw around the term, "The Flu," ever again. EVER. I had the real thing this last week and it really took me out. It is NOTHING like, "a bad case of allergies," or that "24 hour flu-thing," to which people so wrongly refer. This was a high fever, hallucinations, hot sweats, body aches, head like a helium balloon, sleep for 22 hours a day- lay you out kind of thing. I was too weak to hold a book! I couldn't even READ!! That sick! After the the third day, I called my doc and said, "Do you think I can go to work tomorrow?" And she replied, "Sure, as long as you don't mind spreading this to everyone you meet and ending up in the ICU." (I stayed home.)

So, that is my true blue excuse for not posting next week. Get your flu shot!

My PSA: I was informed it is most certainly NOT too late to get a flu shot. The flu hospitalizes A LOT of people in March, according to my health care professionals. Don't dilly dally!

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