Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break, ACRL 2011 and SuperShannon

Just every so often I start thinking that this blogging is a teensy bit tedious. But then, out of the clear blue yonder moon, someone invariably sends me an email telling me to keep it up, or I meet a librarian at a conference that has read the Bookie, or a candidate for a position at our library mentions my blog as an aside during an interview (points!).  Then I think, maybe, just maybe, I might keep this up for a little while. 

And, most of the time, when I can think of something interesting to post, I really have a great time putting something together.  It's the weeks where I can't figure out what to post that make it tedious. And then there's this week. Where I knew exactly what to post, my ACRL schedule, but I just couldn't get THAT even together. 

But, I have an excellent excuse. Not only did we have a mandatory furlough day on Monday, but it's also spring break this week. Which, I'm not going to lie, feels so incredibly awesome! There are almost no students around and all of the librarians are smiling at each other like we have sugary little secrets in our pocket protectors. We ask about the kids and talk about where the daffodils are coming up around campus and invite each other out for lunch. And all of this with relaxed smiles on our faces. 

So, what's going on? Special Collections started a brand spanking new FaceBook page. Nadia and Felicity have been going strong with posts and interesting observations giving outsiders a great inside look into the every day happenings in our small archives. Very cool stuff.

As for me? Weeeeellll, I thought I would get all of my classes prepared for the remainder of the semester and make some headway on my work in Special Collections on the Jewish Cultural Reconstruction books. BUT, what has really happened is that I've been hemming and hawing over that darn ACRL conference schedule. It is less than a week away!  Eek! All of the workshops I want to go to are closed and some of the dinner events. Bad Shannon! 

That said, there are some really super awesome panels and papers and events. I'm starting to get excited!  Wednesday alone has events enough for a complete conference. The Residency Interest Group has a meeting early in the day, then there's the Connected screening, followed by the filmmaker Keynote and then an awesome dinner with library colleagues followed by Battle Decks. I'll be going to bed with a smile on my face fo-sho.

I'm going to go dust off the old conference cape, right now. To the City of Brotherly Love!  See you there!

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