Saturday, October 16, 2010

Show and Show Time

I am CRAZY busy! Do I always say that? I'm sorry, I'm sure you are too, so thanks for taking a moment to check out my posts! So, since you and I both don't really have much  time to go through a full-blown blog post, I thought it would be fun to do a little Show-and-Tell without the "Tell" part.  So, here are a couple things I've been up to in the last couple of weeks that I wanted to share.  Warning: The News story only works in Internet Explorer and instead of clicking the picture, click the text below to go to the site.  The Animoto video works fine from any browser.

September Snack Break 2010!
Create your own video slideshow at


Here's me yapping on the local news for a Banned Books Read Out event... Good times! 

I'm really liking the multi-media stuff and am thinking about doing one or two video posts in the future. ( I desperately need a hair cut, though. The ironic librarian bun is getting old fast.)

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