Monday, February 22, 2010

Residency Interest Group Interactive Map

I am so overdue for a post!  But, in case you haven't heard, Baltimore was completely buried under 3 feet of snow, due to back to back blizzards a few weeks ago.  Campus was shut down for about a week, (the library was closed for I think 9 out of 10 days) and everyone, including students, spent last week doing crazy catch up.  

 (Baltimore photo courtesy of Adam Baldwin.)

I think I'm getting my head above water now and wanted to let you know about a map I created based on an interactive map by another resident Megan Perez.  The map was recently posted to the Residency Interest Group (RIG) blog and is now available for your perusal.  The map is a great resource for those looking to apply for residency programs throughout the U.S. upon completion, or close to completion of grad school.  It's also great if you're just curious and want to know more about residencies and where and what they are.  (You will undoubtedly notice a great concentration on the east coast.)  Anyway, I just hope I saved some of you some time and research.

Click her to link to the RIG blog and see the post about the map or link directly to the map by clicking on the below picture.




  1. Hey Shannon, not that it really matters, but the image of the biomed library at Vanderbilt is wrong on the residency map. I think you have a picture of the university library. A Eskind picture is here: