Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sock Monkeys, Snow and Sharepoint

or How I Spent My Winter Break 
(well, except for the Sharepoint part, which could probably be replaced with Holiday Partying, but does not start with an "S", but is actually way more true.)

Happy New Year, Everyone!  I hope your time off, (if you had some), was good. While I didn't get to visit with everyone back in the Cleveburg that I wanted, nor did I read any of the books on my lists (yeesh!), I did get a lot of good visiting time in with family, got to know Baltimore a bit more, and have picked up some new crafting skills. Unfortunately, I now have to reign in my compulsive crocheting and sock monkey* making.  

(See pic of Lily Rose -one of my creations, below.  I wish I had a pic to show of Rudy Brown, the first sock monkey ever born of these hands, and if you're being technical about it, the monkeys' uncle. Some other time.)

I've spent a great deal of time indoors due to the weather of this frozen tundra called Baltimore that I now refuse to believe was built on "a swamp."  In fact, the exact term employed by the natives to lure me to the Bmore was MILD, and I have found this winter to be anything but.  A few weeks ago the heavens dumped 18" of snow on us in 24 hours, and now the wind chill is reading at 6 degrees or something ungodly. I feel so gullible.

Nevertheless, spring is upon us! Spring Semester, that is!  I am winding down my time in Technical Services here at Towson and in 2 weeks time will start my rotation in Reference and Instruction for the spring semester.  I am working with one of the librarians to put together a Sharepoint site, where we'll be incorporating a Wiki to share procedural documents and department updates and information.  As I piece through the parts that we will be adding to the site, I'm finding this final task to be a very appropriate culmination of my time in this department.  I'm familiar with the materials I'm going through, having spent time learning most of the areas of the department.  I find myself astonished that not only is my time almost up here, but that 4 months ago I would have had no idea what any of these documents meant.  Time is flying and I can only pray that it speeds through this frigid winter and takes its' time moseying through the spring.  (Please, Father Time, please?)

*To order your own Sock Monkey, please send: a self addressed stamped box or SASB lined with lilac infused tissue paper to my P.O. Box in the Cayman Islands, along with $1000 in unmarked bills which should also be lilac scented.  Please allow 6-8 months for delivery.

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