Saturday, January 30, 2010


So this week, aside from trying to figure out which celebrity that friends look like for Facebook's Doppelganger week, (apparently I share an uncanny resemblance to Skeeter from the Muppet Babies????), I also taught myself how to use an Adobe tool called Captivate. It allows you to make tutorials and quizzes and guides by capturing what is happening on your computer screen.  It is super cool and really easy to use.  A lot of the librarians use it here for their classes and reference.  (You can read more in depth about other online tutorial programs at the Emerging Tech Librarians' blog here.) 

(I'm so disturbed that so many people agree about this.) 

So, for the Marketing Committee's newsletter we decided to do a short tutorial on finding new items in the catalog.  I had a great time creating the tutorial and editing it and thought it would be nice to post to my blog.  HOWEVER, I have just found it ridiculously challenging to convert this tiny little video to a format that can be published online.  I've tried a bunch of things and someone told me about a free conversion site that I might try to use next, but it's just turned into one of those things where the part that was supposed to take the least amount of time, actually turns out to take the most.  Argh!  I'm so annoyed!  But, I really want you to see it, so I'm going to keep trying no matter how long it takes! Watch for it.

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